The internet dating sites are the great way for dating Polish women. It does not matter where you live, in the United States, Canada, Australia or in Poland, you can find a single Polish woman online at ease. If you are a single man, lonely, you can chat with women online. There are some rules about dating Polish women you should learn.

As we live in the modern century, there are some dating tips you must know when dating a Polish woman. As you know that Polish women live in a different culture so they have their own rules. In fact, if you search for Polish female profiles online and contact them, they may not reply to you because you don't understand about them.

"Are you serious" is the first thing they look at you. They want to know if you are a serious man seeking love and get ready. They want to know how soon can you settle for a relationship. How soon you can meet her in person? Are you looking for a short-term (one or two nights) or a long term relationship? If you chat with her for a few months and never ask for a face to face meet, then you are not serious.

"How old are you" is another question they want to know. Most women don't want to date young men because they don't want to baby-sit their men. You must be older than her a few years old, but not like 15 or 20 years old.

Even though Polish women are independent, some of them have emotional weak. So, you must show her that you can support her romantic feelings. You should be knowledgeable to help her about political, economical discussions. You must also know how to discuss about movies, famous actors or singers. You must be widely knowledgeable about general topics about society, culture, and so on.

"Be honest" may be the most important thing about what single Polish women looking for. If you are not serious, then don't contact her. Have fun!



  • Posted 2 years ago