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This is really something i have to calm down to write. Feel like i am about to write an Exam LOL. I am almost always in a good mood and excited to do things...whether it's a movie or a trip . I am fun to be with, I hope :). I am often described as gregarious....but am missing that one special man who makes my heart beat faster and my eyes light up. I know who I am but I'm not inflexible and always discovering new facets of me ..... but drama is not one of them. Here are a few things that make me me: 1. I'm told often that I am cuter than my pictures (I usually don’t like pictures of me so let’s meet and you can decide if you agree with this one). 2. I have a great laugh 3. I am smart. 4. I have a big heart. 5. I love kids and animals 5. I am almost always sad when summer is over, but I do like autumn :). 6. Nature can still inspire me. 7. I enjoy the journey and like impromptu trips and drives. 8. I am a happy and positive person. 9 I have grown up but will never grow old. 10. I love to be flirtatious and playful with the man but ... 11. I like conversation. I can talk to just about anyone. 12. Sometimes I am shy. 13. I can’t think of anyone that I hate…or that would say they hate me. 14. I still love music - rock, pop, jazz, latin, country etc. 15. I love that feeling when you realize you want to kiss the person sitting across from you.
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I seek friendship at first as I adjust my life to its new reality. When the connection is right I want to share a loving relationship built on a foundation of trust, compromise, two well balanced minds and souls Chemistry,Compatible,personalities,Consideration for the feelings of each other. Similar interests lots of laughter flirting glances and tingling butterfly feelings. A man who would take my Breath away :))).
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5' 6"
Caucasian (white)
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  • Posted 2 years ago
I hope you are a good person, May Allah give you Good Life partner for your practical life. I am Abusayed holding Bangladeshi passport and living in Saudi Arabia. I wish to visit Poland, German and Luxembourg within the near future. Would you please accept me as a good friend. my mail is


  • Posted 8 years ago
You are a real Lady - attractive, elegant and very beautiful :) Regards Aksel


  • Posted 8 years ago
You are very attractive.